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Wonder Why

by Azoraa

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A glowing presence, a ball of night, radiant body, the faint ethereal light. Soaring, pulling, above the clouds ascending, to an aural-imaged, fabulous flight. Travel movement, surface transformed, struggle beneath the limitless storm. Birdlike repliKA, breathe allure, destiny's fate is the shore unsure.
I lie in the sky. While I wonder why. How can I catch your smile. Hold you for just awhile. I look to the sky. While I just wonder why. We can't be more than friends. I can still pretend. I lie in the sky. While I wonder why. How can I catch your smile. Hold you just awhile. We lie in the sky. While they all. We can be everything. If I find the way. You are my beautiful sky. I know why. Be my beautiful sky. High...
[V1] Break into my dream. Find me there to-nite. Chase away the sorrow. Stay with me all right. [V2] Break into my dream, Fly away together. Wonderful world, In a beautiful sky, fair weather. [B1] Hold You. Go there together. Now inside, I can be your astral tether. Take you there, together. See my Ethereal Window. [V3] Stay here in my dream. Nobody has to know. We can find a new tomorrow. And leave them all behind. [B2] Hold Me. Take you on my ride. I could go anywhere with you by my side. Hold You. Fly away, together. It may sound impossible. Just close your eyes and dream. [V4] {live version only} Wonderful dream. The past gone by. Only in the phuture. Can we find the why.
Fly Away 05:04
[reversed clips of vocals from other songs]
Feel You 05:45
This time, any time, ever before. To find a new beginning means so much more. Feel you with me. Anything is possible, far as I can see. Feel you with me. We'll turn the tide together, then let it be. This time, any time, ever before. To find a new beginning means so much more. Find you and me. In-to my dream, where we are free. To have you near me. Would something come between us, how far could you see? Waiting / Changing / Turning / Moving / Sleeping / Dreaming / Now we're frozen in time. Awaiting every next day meant to be. Soon we may be lost in our beautiful sea. This time, any time, ever before. We found a new beginning. Now there's nothing more.
Disprove 07:33
V1: I could believe in many things that deceive. When Everything was what they said, Including all the things I have read. C1: Go anywhere that you like; ascend an endless sky. You'll never be alone; you can take your wings and fly. Be anyone you want to be; in the land of the free. V2: I don't believe in many things to mislead. To keep you in your place. Nothing was what they said. And now with what's revealed; it seems that truth is dead. C2: Enormous wall of ice; no way to ever go. So much is out reach; as much we cannot know. The past gets re-arranged; a plane becomes a globe. Just keep it to yourself; no point in trying to show.
V1: I'll call you back, but it won't be today. Got this and that, all the thing is in my way. I won't be home even if I am alone. I'll let you when it ok to stay. V2: I'll call you back, but it won't be tomorrow. There's just too much of a misery and sorrow. A lot has happen with all that going on. Time after time there is always something wrong. V3: I got your back, but it won't be today. Too much to do - no time to play. You are so lucky to have me around. Are you ok? V4 : I'll call you back; it might be another year. Will miss our plans, but at least we're both still here.


This is the 2020 revision of the album which was originally completed on 8 December, 2015.


released August 28, 2020




Azoraa Happy Valley, North Carolina

Keyboard-arranged electronic music in the styles of dance, instrumental, electronica, and dream-pop ethereal.

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